Ninja Program

Ninja Training

The idea behind the Ninja Program

A look at a working Ninja Site

Take a Ninja Test
(Need some help)


Ready to get started?

1. Get access to the Google Apps Ninja Program Folder

2. Join the Ninja Program Support Group (also gives you access to Google Site Template)

3. Make a copy of the Google Apps Resources you want

4. Make a copy of the Google Site Template to get started (optional)

  • Click on More
  • Click on “Manage this Site”
  • Click on “Copy this Site”

5. Install Flubaroo

  • Open your Ninja Test
  • Click on Tools – Script Gallery
  • Search for Flubaroo
  • Click Install

6. Build Training Dojo

7. Release to students

The blog post that started it all

A look at other school dojos

Wesley Ninja Dojo

Ed Geek Squad

TAISM Google Ninja Dojo

Google Apps Ninja Program

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