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gmailTake the Gmail course to learn some of the tricks that Gmail allow you to do to get to Inbox Zero. That’s right! We focus on getting you close to zero emails every day in your inbox. We show you how to use filters, create labels and the all important archive button that gets those emails out of your inbox and where they belong…in a searchable folder.

gcalGoogle Calendar is a powerful cloud-based calendar system that allows users to keep their life scheduled and linked across all devices. Learn how Calendars integrates with Gmail and Drive to create a school calendaring system to keep you organized and meeting your deadlines.

driveGoogle Drive is a powerful cloud-based storage system that for educational institutions allows unlimited storage of documents, videos, and all sorts of media. Drive is more than a storage area with Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, and Draw it is a powerful collaborative tool that you can use in all your classes. Learn the ins and outs of all the different apps within Drive.

gsitesSites is a powerful way to get started creating a webpage project for your classroom or assignment. With its deep integration into Drive, YouTube, and the rest of Google services. Making the website has never been easier.

gplusGoogle+ is the social network that brings it all together. With it’s powerful photo tools, it’s circles that allow you to bring a secure social-network into your classroom and the ability to host Google Hangouts with your students makes this a powerful tool for students and teachers.

ipad green beltWe need some help updating these training materials. They are build for iOS7 and need to be updated for iOS8. If you want to help with this please contact us.

We’re working on getting the Google Classroom course up and running. Check back here for when it’s ready to go.

Number of Tests Taken

Gmail 2704 Tests
Drive 1855 Tests
Calendar 1013 Tests
Sites 773 Tests
Google+ 654 Tests
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