Ninja Program

Getting started with the Ninja Program is simple and straight forward. The system is built using Google Apps and specifically Google Sites and Google Docs. If you are familiar with these programs then you are all set to get started. If you are not familiar head on over to our Ninja Program Dojo (coming soon) and brush up on your skills.

Once you have access to the Ninja Program Google Folder you will find:

  • Folders containing all the tests for the program you signed up for
  • An Image folder that contains all the Ninja Program images

You will have “View Only” access to the above documents as these are the Master Copies that we continue to update. To get started you will have to make a copy of each documents by going to File – Make a copy once you have opened the document.

After you have made copies of all the materials you want to use then you are all set to start using the tests with students and staff. You can use a Google Site to create a training dojo of your own or you can simple use the the tests by e-mailing a link to the Google Form to participants. There is no one way to use them and it is really up to you.

Each Test is created using Google Forms and can be graded using the Flubaroo script. Go to the Flubaroo website to learn how to install the script and have the tests grade themselves.

If you need help, or want to bounce ideas around on the best way to get started head over to our Google Support Group where other educators using the Ninja Program will be happy to help you get started.


All images are free for you to use with the Ninja Program training materials with students and staff. They are copyrighted and can only be used to support the Ninja Program at your school. If you have questions about using the images feel free to contact me.

Examples of Training Dojos:

Below are examples of “Training Dojos” or sites created by educators to use with students. PLEASE do not take the actual tests as these are live sites for you to look at and see as examples of how others are setting up the program with students and staff.

Ed Geek Squad

TAISM Google Ninja Dojo

Google Apps Ninja Program

Bunger Ninjas

Ninja Program Dojo Template (No need to start from scratch)

Wesley Academy not only set up their own Training Dojo but even created a movie to help promote and explain the program at their school.

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